Mercantile FAQs

Configuring filters

On the settings screen, there is a link to "Add filter" at the top right of the filters list. Clicking this link will take you to a new screen where you can set the specifics of your filter.

If your business offers specific dispatching methods on specific days of the week, you can configure the filters so that orders matching the shipping method to appear on the appropriate day.

Filter searching

The filters search the text of the order's shipping line. If you have a shipping method title "Local delivery" then you should search for these words. If you offer multiple shipping options that should all fall under the same filer, ensure you list the unique terms.

If you use the Pick-up feature in Shopify, the shipping method title is the address of your pick-up location. Meaning if your address is 123 Main St., ensure you include the word "main" in the search for field of the filter.

Adding an old order to the calendar

From the Shopify dashboard, navigate to the order you wish to add. In the "More actions" menu of the order, you will find a link to "Add/edit date information" which will take you to a screen where you can set the date and filter for the order.

Editing the date or time of an order

When you click on the order number anywhere in Mercantile, you will be taken to a screen where you can edit the date and/or time of the order, plus adjust the filters.

Allowing customers to select a date and time for their order

It is not possible at this time, but it is a feature in development.

Printing packing slips

In the day view there is a button to print packing slips below the navigation. By default there will be one order per page, and only visible orders will print.

Editing the layout of the packing slip

It is not possible at this time, but it is a feature in development.